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How We Educate the Underprivileged

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The Problem

In almost every nation, education is a fundamental right. And most countries take ambitious steps to safeguard this right. They protect the child’s right to free, compulsory schooling with education laws. These laws specify how to teach children aged 6-14. They also set the minimum standards elementary schools must maintain. Furthermore, they require surveying and monitoring of all neighborhoods. This is done to identify children in need of education and set up facilities as needed. But even with all this, it’s common to see children out of school as part of the unorganized labor force. This is because governments measure the success of education laws by enrollment rates. Factors affecting the dropout rate and actual attendance are often not considered.  But this is short-sighted. Data shows that 30% of children drop out of school before the 5th grade. And by the 8th grade, that rate rises to 50%. 70% of people in developing countries live under the international poverty line. They’re doubly affected by these problems. Many rural and urban slum families have two uneducated parents. And only a single breadwinner. Also, they often have many mouths to feed. Their children are more likely to be working by age 12 than they are to be continuing their education. The situation for girls is even worse. By the age of 15, only 34% of girls in developing countries are still enrolled in school.

Our Solution

Potter’s Gate Charities works on all the weak points of the existing system. We help children overcome the hurdles that lead to dropping out. In doing so, we ensure they’re educated and literate in the true sense of these words. Our proven method is a combination of mentoring and experiential learning. We work with children from the tender age of seven up until adulthood. The program teaches life lessons and values to empower children. To help them make better choices. Better choices in education, health, gender equality, leadership, and livelihoods. We teach through weekly 2-hour sessions. Each session begins with an icebreaker, followed by the main sports-based activity/game. Each activity/game is a metaphor for issues affecting the children’s lives. Things like education, dowry, child labor, and sexual/reproductive health. Even tobacco and alcohol abuse. After each activity, we sit under a tree and reflect. The group mentors discuss the key lesson and get input from the children on how it affects them at home.  


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