Our program identifies underprivileged & disadvantaged youth with leadership potential and helps them get a college education.

The Youth Development Initiative identifies underprivileged youth with leadership potential and helps them get a college education. This worldwide program provides funds for:

  • Tuition fees to attend an approved university full-time
  • Textbooks and other school-related supplies and expenses
  • Room, board and transportation expenses can also be covered, if necessary
We’ve educated hundreds of students through this program. As a result, they’ve learned the skills and acquired the resources that have helped them become valuable community leaders.

The Program

The Youth Development Initiative gives students the opportunity to attend a university. To be participants, not bystanders.

Their education includes:

  • Full college curriculum
  • Leadership training
  • Worldview and leadership development
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Personal life-skills development (time management, study skills and a view of sexuality)
  • Seminars, workshops and retreats on character development and leadership potential

Students accepted into the program generally feel an intense rush of gratitude. Their future is suddenly brighter. Attainable. The joy they feel goes on to fuel further academic — and later, professional — success.

Among other professions, our exceptional graduates have gone on to become:

  • Community leaders
  • Agriculturalists
  • Technicians
  • Business professionals
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Teachers

Benefits of the Youth Development Initiative

The initiative ensures underprivileged youth have access to funds for tuition, textbooks and other expenses like room, board and transportation. Every year as a result we’re able to educate deserving young minds. Today, the Youth Development Initiative provides critical training to more than 2,000 young people worldwide.

Help us make this a reality!

The sponsors and donors of the Youth Development Initiative are very special to us. Ultimately, they are the very instruments of change who will one day break the cycle of poverty for good.

Get involved! Because of your $200 monthly sponsorship, a bright yet underprivileged young person will advance down the road toward professional leadership.

We send 100% of your tax-deductible contribution directly to needy students still awaiting sponsorship.

Also, with your monthly support, you will receive a package with the student's photograph and a brief personal biography.

The greatest reward of your sponsorship, however, will be the personal relationship you develop with the student through communication. Your correspondence with the student you sponsor will provide much-needed encouragement as they progress through the program. And your heart will overflow because of the difference you’ve made in the life of an exceptional student.

We offer Youth Development Initiative programs in:

  • North Brunswick, NJ
  • Lagos, Nigeria (in partnership with the Good Way Foundation)
  • Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso
  • Agona Nsaba, Ghana (in partnership with the Better Home Foundation)

College Education Funding for Underprivileged, Disadvantaged & Youth-At-Risk with LEADERSHIP Potential!

How we support Youth-At-Risk

Although the situation is dire, we offer some incredible local programs supporting Youth-At-Risk

  • Emergency and transitional shelters - Youth-At-Risk and provide much more than a roof over their head. These shelters strive to improve the economic self-sufficiency of Youth-At-Risk by providing case management, tutoring, life skills and job training.
  • Permanent housing facilities - for homeless and chronically homeless youth. This provides varying amounts of financial support for Youth-At-Risk with multiple economic barriers. Therefore, more youth can acquire the training required to maintain a bright future.
  • Training and support - offer comprehensive services for Youth-At-Risk. YouthScope challenges, trains, and involves Youth-At-Risk in meaningful disciplines in key areas of their lives through a diverse network of like-minded affiliate groups.
  • Traumatic Abuse - Recovery help Youth-At-Risk resolve any immediate physical, environmental, and emotional needs and challenges. YouthScope helps you overcome the traumatic abuse and endless tragedy that leave so many feeling powerless and frustrated.

Help solve water crisis in Ghana. For a small investment, you can fund reliable water projects that serve the underprivileged and disadvantaged families, villages and schools. Wells, dams and rain catchment systems can provide hygienic source of drinking water.
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