A program designed for children and families newly arrived in the US, we provide services to help you adjust to your new life and get a fresh start.

The Youth Resettlement Program (YRP) is designed for children and families newly arrived in the United States. We provide after-school, casework, school preparation, and family enrichment services to help give new residents a fresh start. To help them successfully adjust to their new lives. To help them stay committed to getting an education.

The YRP works toward the self-sufficiency and empowerment of youth as well as their families. Education is the key for both groups. The twin pillars of the program are:
  • Math skills
  • Basic English language instruction for youth who speak English as a Second Language (ESL)

We integrate ESL into all the program’s activities. As a result, program participants will get many opportunities to practice speaking, reading, and writing English. Further, the program helps youth with serious gaps in their education better integrate into school. We do this by offering enrichment studies in:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • science
  • Computer skills
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Providing Services to Help Families Adjust to New Life!

How we support Youth-At-Risk

Although the situation is dire, we offer some incredible local programs supporting Youth-At-Risk

  • Emergency and transitional shelters - Youth-At-Risk and provide much more than a roof over their head. These shelters strive to improve the economic self-sufficiency of Youth-At-Risk by providing case management, tutoring, life skills and job training.
  • Permanent housing facilities - for homeless and chronically homeless youth. This provides varying amounts of financial support for Youth-At-Risk with multiple economic barriers. Therefore, more youth can acquire the training required to maintain a bright future.
  • Training and support - offer comprehensive services for Youth-At-Risk. YouthScope challenges, trains, and involves Youth-At-Risk in meaningful disciplines in key areas of their lives through a diverse network of like-minded affiliate groups.
  • Traumatic Abuse - Recovery help Youth-At-Risk resolve any immediate physical, environmental, and emotional needs and challenges. YouthScope helps you overcome the traumatic abuse and endless tragedy that leave so many feeling powerless and frustrated.

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