Reasons to Help the Underprivileged Children

Sample Blog Underprivileged children from disadvantaged families need our help. Raised in poverty, these children get exposed to the harshest realities of life. Underprivileged children are often denied their right to emotional, physical and social development.
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How We Educate the Underprivileged

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The Problem

In almost every nation, education is a fundamental right. And most countries take ambitious steps to safeguard this right. They protect the child’s right to free, compulsory schooling with education laws. These laws specify how to teach children aged 6-14. They also set the minimum standards elementary schools must maintain. Furthermore, they require surveying and monitoring of all neighborhoods.
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The Biggest Indicator of Academic Success

Sample Blog The single biggest indicator of academic success is having books at home. According to Job K. Twene, founder of Potter’s Gate Charities, Inc., it makes all the difference. While it’s a fact he takes to heart, he also knows that having books isn’t possible for many low-income families. They’re a luxury many can’t afford.
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How the Education System Fails Underprivileged Students

Sample Blog People are quick to jump on the poverty and broken home bandwagon. They claim these are the reasons underprivileged children struggle in school. Why they have such a hard time of it “coming up.” For example, I had a conversation with some very well-meaning colleagues of mine. Their comments went something like this.
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