Our vision is to help disadvantaged and underprivileged children, individuals and families achieve and maintain a stable, self-sufficient living situation through our charitable communities worldwide.

Potter's Gate Charities collaborates with individuals, businesses, Churches and para-Church organizations as we work together to realize our mission successfully.

Our collaborations require leadership, although the form of leadership can be social within a decentralized and egalitarian group. We work collaboratively to obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources.

Our structured methods of collaboration encourage introspection of behavior and communication. These methods specifically aim to increase the success of teams as we engage in collaborative problem solving..

Most of the world's hungry people are in Asia and Africa, with 520 million and 243 million, respectively. But proportionally Africa is hardest hit, with 20 percent of people not having enough food. Support our mission to make a positive change in the lives of these underprivileged children and disadvantaged families.
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National and International Advocate for the Most Vulnerable

How we support impoverished women

Although the situation is dire, we offer some incredible local programs supporting women and their families.

  • Emergency and transitional shelters for homeless women and their children provide much more than a roof over a family’s head. These shelters strive to improve families’ economic self-sufficiency by providing case management, tutoring, parenting classes, life skills and job training.
  • Permanent housing facilities for homeless and chronically homeless women. This provides varying amounts of financial support for women with multiple economic barriers. Therefore, more women can acquire the income required to maintain their own housing.
  • Maternity homes offer comprehensive services for women living independently after the birth of a child. These services include education and parenting classes as well as preparedness training.
  • Pregnancy counseling programs help expectant mothers resolve any immediate physical, environmental, and emotional needs and challenges. These programs also support women and teens in difficult situations, guiding them to make decisions that are right for them.

Help solve water crisis in Ghana. For a small investment, you can fund reliable water projects that serve the underprivileged and disadvantaged families, villages and schools. Wells, dams and rain catchment systems can provide hygienic source of drinking water.
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