Mentoring programs for underprivileged children between ages 7-21 with social, emotional and cultural needs.

Youth Scope is a mentoring program for disadvantaged and at-risk youth ages 7-21. The program deals with the social, emotional and cultural needs of underprivileged youth. A team of certified mentors, advocates, and role models lead the program. The program's primary goal is to show young people the future’s worth striving for.

Mentors guide their protégés through a variety of mentoring scenarios, including:
  • 1-on-1
  • group
  • tag-team
  • peer-to-peer

The mentor/protégé bond

Our mentoring program forges strong bonds between our mentors and their protégés. Bonds that should have meaningful, positive effects for generations to come.

Children need to learn the essential skills necessary to become productive, contributing citizens. And that's our focus. Showing young people the many pathways to a brighter future.

The program offers conferences, seminars and workshops dealing with the following topics:

  • positive self-identity and personal vision
  • life skills
  • social and emotional skills
  • moral character
  • work ethic
  • lifelong learning

Youth Scope is for at-risk youth ages 7-21, in school or not. The program is available in the US and around the world through Potter's Gate Charities and their partners.

The program guides participants through a series of projects. In each project, certified mentors and role models teach real-world life skills. The curriculum promotes self-discipline, respect, educational excellence, achievement, personal responsibility and career exposure.

Activities include:

  • Distinguished Gentlemen (grades 4-6)
  • Finance Academy (grades 10-12)
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative (ages 17-21, not in school
  • Youth Opportunities Project (grades 10-12)

The program helps youth develop a positive self-perception and set informed career goals. It also helps them develop both a “personal brand” and the skills to influence others. It gives them the resources to build and manage a real support network.

The program gives at-risk youth positive role models from the Manchild Movement. [link to Manchild]. Their mentors show them new ways to think about their approach to life. They give them tools to enhance their academic and career development. They lead by example.

YouthScope: Empowering "At-Risk-Youth" through MENTORING

Part of the Manchild Movement, Men of the Future offers 1-on-1 community-based mentoring. This program is for young men in grades 4-12. The goal is to develop young men who understand the benefits of:

  • positive thinking
  • responsible personal conduct
  • respect for self and others
  • educational achievement
  • cultural enrichment

The curriculum is aimed at developing future leaders. The process involves volunteer mentors, tutors and presenters meeting with the students, sharing their knowledge and experience. They get the students involved in life skills projects, athletic activities and group field trips.

Young people in the program engage in community service projects. They also serve as peer counselors. And they compete in academic projects at local, national and international levels.

Regular sessions meet the first and last Saturday morning of each month, September through June. Sessions take place at the Potter’s Gate Charities Building, [INSERT ADDRESS HERE].

This program provides many opportunities for students to:

  • observe leadership skills
  • develop a sense of civic responsibility
  • explore career opportunities through classroom participation and career shadowing, where possible
  • peer-to-peer

Civic leadership and responsibility lay at the core of every responsible adult. The program focuses on participating in — and giving back to — the community. Career exploration shows the many options students have for careers. It also gives them a chance to take leadership.

Manchild Training Academy

The Manchild Training Academy (MTA) trains protégés to become mentors. The student-mentor learns about best practices in mentoring through professional, state-of-the-art training. The academy provides ongoing support through Manchild Movement’s mentoring programs and initiatives.

The goal is to create a standard of national and international excellence in professional development and the training of organizations, groups, and individuals in innovative program development and effective mentoring concepts.

Components of the Manchild Training Academy include:

  • professional and clinical mentor training for members
  • community volunteers
  • professional and corporate lecture and workshop series
  • program evaluation

This program provides community-orientated mentoring and education. It offers structured group mentoring for boys and girls ages 10-15. The program also assists youths from foreign countries by providing:

  • leadership development workshops
  • motivational workshops
  • cultural enrichment
  • community activities

The youth in this program take part in Saturday Academies. These two-hour workshops help develop their understanding of important life issues such as:

  • self-identity
  • communication skills
  • social behavior
  • cultural exposure
  • business and entrepreneurship
  • male/female relationships
  • health and fitness
  • personal responsibility
  • black history
  • substance abuse awareness
  • peer pressure

Organization members and experts in a variety of fields lead the workshops. The students take part in cultural and community enrichment activities. Educators, celebrities and achievers from many industries speak to the protégés and answer their questions.

The mentoring program helps underprivileged youth develop a sense of self-worth and pride. These skills will help them overcome the many social barriers that challenge them.

Community-based mentoring that offers guidance to youth from foreign countries is critical. Adult role models are a positive influence. They inspire and redirect at-risk males. They discourage dropping out of school. Dropping out only limits life choices and increases the odds of adult incarceration.

These community programs are 100% free.

Leadership Academy teaches African-American youth about personal goal setting and leadership skills. A notable side-effect of this is higher grades. The program develops youth into leaders. It inspires them to identify goals and dreams while building action plans toward achieving them.

Leadership Academy gives youth the skills that lead to academic success. It shows the pathway to productive citizenship.

Another purpose of the Leadership Academy is to provide scholarship opportunities for young people. Through Potter’s Gate Charities and its partners, academy participants can apply for a post-secondary scholarship in their senior year of high school.

The program provides information and teaches skills related to:
  • Health and wellness
  • Community service
  • Financial planning
  • Character
  • Technology education
  • Academic enrichment in math and science

The program lets us collaborate with community leaders, business partners, educators, mental health professionals, and others seeking to build a stronger community and develop young minds.

Youth Scope programs are available in:

  • North Brunswick, NJ
  • London, England (in partnership with Agape Incorporated)
  • Lagos, Nigeria (in partnership with the Good Way Foundation)
  • Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso
  • Agona Nsaba, Ghana (in partnership with the Better Home Foundation)