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We’re on a mission to improve lives . . . RESHAPING the Lives of Underprivileged Children and Disadvantaged Families at Home and Abroad.
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underprivileged Children Need HELP
Disadvantaged Families Need REBUILD
Orphans in Orphanages Need a HOME
Orphanage Schools Need to be BUILT
Help us Rebuild a brighter future for the underprivileged children, families and Communities. Become part of the Orphanage Schools appeal.
Education for the Underprivileged
We provide mentoring and experiential learning for underprivileged children. We teach life lessons and values that will empower them toward a better tomorrow.
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DONATE Shoes & Clothing for the Needy
We distribute shoes and clothing to orphanages, underprivileged children, youths and infants, and disadvantaged families.
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Donate a Computer
Even as technology becomes more affordable and internet access more commonplace, a “digital divide” between the rich and poor remains. You can help us change that.
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99.7% of our constituents are fully satisfied with our programs and services.
I like Potter's Gate Charities more and more each day because they make my life a lot easier. I am amazed!
Diane Gazier
Diane Gazier Single Mom
95.2% of our constituents would recommend Potter's Gate Charities to their friends and family.

Let's Reshape Lives

Rebuilding a brighter future for the most vulnerable and the underprivileged children, families and communities. Become part of the disadvantaged and orphanage schools appeal. Your donation can put a smile in the face of the underprivileged children and families.

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